Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lunch with new friend (?)

I went out to lunch with a new mommy-friend today. G works downstairs in the accounting department, and I met her on one of the first days here at my new job. It was one of those insta-connection things: we're both mommies of young children, both relatively outgoing, we both wear glasses, and in a weird way she kind of reminds me a little of other best friends I have had in my life... I've been wanting to ask her out to lunch for quite a while now, but have been too afraid of rejection (and too busy trying to spend my lunch hours walking on the treadmill at the gym rather than socializing over delicious sandwiches) to ask.
At the company holiday party two weekends ago, I had a bit too much wine to drink. It was my first time getting dolled up and all glimmery in a REALLY long time, so I had to celebrate. Forgive. So I got all nervy and crazy in that self-assured-drunk-girl way and started dancing like a maniac on the floor with G. and a couple of other HR girls. Before I knew it, words were coming out of my mouth, and I was asking G. out on a mommy date, and maybe also telling her how much I wanted to be her new best friend. *blush*
I was a little nervous about seeing G. at work the next week, but when I did, she said "so are we on for lunch, or do you not even remember asking me out?" After I assured her that I had not just asked her out just because I had kicked back one too many, we set a lunch date for this very day.
As a new mommy, you have to understand that my social calendar consists of Sunday morning dance parties with my baby girl and husband (truly, SO MUCH FUN. not even joking), and saying hello to the checkout lady at the grocery store. So, yes, I was very excited about a mommy date, even if it was only for an hour at Panera's.
I think everything went okay, but it is SO HARD TO TELL on a first date..Did she think I asked too many questions about her family? Did I get too personal or share too much info about myself and my baby girl (our sleep schedule, our breastfeeding schedule, the number of times we hug every day)? Did she think I was being presumptuous when I said "ME TOO!" after everything she said? I do feel I may have been a little heavy-handed in the oh-my-god-our-lives-are-so-similar department... but.. oh-my-god-our-lives-are-so-similar!!
I do think it's a good sign that when I dropped G. off on her office doorstep and suggested we try this again after the holidays, she agreed and said it would be a great idea. I plan to casually bring up our second date around January 2nd... stay tuned..

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  1. You're so cute. I wish I could have lunch with you!