Thursday, December 8, 2011

Strangers with the coolest names...

I still remember standing on line at a random pharmacy on one of my trips to New York City, noticing that my cashier's name was "Madly". MADLY! What a fantastic name. Nevermind that it has several negative conotations - I still think it is so freakin' cool! I vowed to myself that day that when I had a daughter, I would name her Madly.
That didn't happen, mostly because when I was pregnant and thinking of names for a girl, Madly simply didn't surface in my brain. I am also pretty confident that if I had asked my sane husband to consider Madly as an option for our to-be-born daughter, he would have thought I was joking, and said "ha ha HAAAAAAH!" End of subject.
Today I called the accounting department of a White Plains hotel on some work-related issue, and the woman in the accounting department is named "Monet". MONET! What a fantastic name. Ok, so people would automatically assume that Monet is one of our favorite artists (not so true), or that my husband and I met in Monet's Gardens (very not true). Some people might mistake "Monet" for "Money", and sing "Money Money" to Monet all the time. I still think it is an awesome name. It kind of makes me want to have a second child.

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