Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let it Snow!

Today the world gave me a gift in the form of a snowstorm. As a working mom, I’m over the moon whenever I’m given a “free pass” to spend the day with my daughter. The fact that the roads are far too dangerous to drive on (especially with a kid on board) and the tree limbs are threatening to down power lines doesn’t bug me. I’ve gained a precious eight hours that I can spend playing, talking, dancing and laughing with my girl. Woo hoo! It’s our first snow day together!

After breakfast, Em and I got bundled up in our snow gear and headed outside. At first Em seemed slightly overwhelmed and confused by our backyard’s transformation into a winter wonderland , but she quickly figured out what fun snow can be. It’s a toddler’s dream come true: you can throw it, eat it, make it into a ball, and fall down in it without hurting yourself!

Our family inherited a child-safe sled from our former next door neighbors. To say Em enjoyed herself on her “one horse open sleigh” would be a vast understatement. Even though I was moving at a zippy speed of about 0.5 miles an hour, Em squeeked with delight and sang happily as I pulled her along. Each time we completed a loop, and approached the finishing line, she yelled “more!” and waved her hands in the air. How could I let her down? Panting and cursing myself for not being in better shape, I completed as many loops as I could before my legs actually threatened to give out on me.

No snow day is complete without the making of snow angels. I tried showing Em what to do, but I’m not sure she fully grasped the concept. I think she just thought I was being a lazy goofball, lying on the ground flailing my arms and legs around. When I laid Em down on the ground and told her to flap her arms, she just laughed at me, and then said “Hepp. Up!” and rolled over so she could eat more snow. We’ll have to revisit snow angels next year.

Back inside the house, we stripped off our wet, cold layers, took a warm shower to help thaw our toesies and fingers, got dressed in nice warm clothing, and had one of our epic mother/daughter dance parties. We twirled, whirled, and shook what our mamas gave us until we collapsed onto the living room floor, totally spent.

Em’s now napping in my arms, after a lunch of chicken, applesauce, and snow cone (snow, milk, maple syrup). And I’m basking in the exhaustion of a beautiful, snow-globey day, completely thankful to the universe for surprising us with a March storm.

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