Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Falling in to Fall

I love the fall. Not just because my birthday is in September. Not even because the leaves around here are drop-dead gorgeous, or because the supermarkets are totally full of crisp apples and butternut squash soup. I love the fall because it is a season of ORDER. Fall is wedged between the chaos of summer, with its way-too-long days and barbeque madness and concerts and constant fireworks displays, and the chaos of winter, with its way-too-short days, and plan-ruining weather, and constant threat of flu.

During the fall days, there is a reliable (yet totally fleeting) sense of normalcy. For me, especially this year, the season has been an amazing blessing. I've been able to create days that are predictable and manageable, and because of their manageability, I have been able to actually fully delve into enjoying my status as a stay at home (roam around) mom.

I have also realized that because of the chaos of summer, and getting used to my life as a SAHM (RAM) and the lack of time I have had to write, I really haven't blogged about the kids' development in quite a while.So here it goes:

Emmy is about to turn three. I am sometimes struck by the fact that she is ALREADY three (I could SWEAR it was yesterday that she was cuddled into my arm as I slept with her newborn body at the hospital). Other times I am struck by the fact that she is ONLY turning three. She has the vocabulary of an adult, but the silliness of a child. She has the awareness of an adult, but the clumsiness of a little kid. She is trying to figure the world out, trying to figure out her own limitations, and discovering all of her likes and dislikes. She is sometimes shy, and sometimes unstoppably outgoing. She currently loves drawing, dance parties, kitties, the colors pink and purple, twirly skirts, trains, gummy bears, books and made up stories, singing to songs in the car, and running around and around in circles (especially on the trampoline). She is opinionated, loving, energetic, and so incredibly creative.

Oren in about to turn 10 months old. Everywhere we go, people tell me he seems to be the happiest baby they have ever met. They also tell me he is one of the biggest babies they have ever met. He smiles at everyone (unless he is sleepy and/or hungry), eats everything, and loves exploring with all his senses. He is cuddly and smooshy and love radiates out of him. Oren is standing and walking with support, but working very hard on doing it by himself. He currently loves electric wires, clapping and saying "yay yay yay," chicken, drinking straws, bottles, balls, Emmy playing "booga booga" with him, bath time, and music. My favorite thing in the world might just be watching my little man boogie his body (with a totally dorky, squishy smile) when he hears music.

Thank you, fall, for giving me the chance to really notice my children, and appreciate them for all their glory.

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