Monday, September 9, 2013

Can We Just Have 50 More Weeks of Vacation, Please?

I have TONS and TONS to say about the past two weeks, but about 3 minutes to sum it up.

C had a two week vacation from work, and it was so blissful, being together as a full family of four for fourteen straight days. We took a vacation to the White Mountains in New Hampshire which was MUCH more enjoyable and MUCH less stressful than I predicted it would be (we are blessed with two young children who – so far – seem to fare rather well in long car rides). We also just HUNG OUT as a family A LOT – playing games, enjoying several long walk/runs, going to the playground, seeing waterfalls, and eating all of our meals together. Em was thrilled to the bone to have her Dada around as a constant companion, and Oren bonded with C in a beautiful way.

Tonight, on the cusp of C’s return to work, there is a lot of sadness in the air. I find myself daydreaming about the possibility of winning the lottery (which is slim, since I haven't bought any tickets), or digging up a pot of gold in our backyard, so that C could ALWAYS stay home and play with me and the kids. I know that both the kids and I will feel a real void in our day tomorrow, and C is leaving big empty shoes for me to fill. 

So with a slight sense of sadness, thank you, world, for this amazing vacation we have enjoyed as a family. I truly can’t wait for the next one.

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  1. What a lovely time! I'm so glad you guys got some QT together.