Thursday, August 15, 2013

They Paved Paradise

Just a few miles from our home, there is a mini-amusement park called "Hoffmam's Playland," which is one of Em's favorite places to visit. Unfortunately, Hoffman's days are numbered. The owners recently sold the land, and the carousel, the choo-choo, and the balloon ride that Em so loves are going to be demolished and quickly replaced with condominiums. As a parent, the loss of this little park is devastating. We are trying to make the most of the situation by visiting Hoffman's frequently this summer. Yesterday, we met Sabi and Savtah (my folks) at the park for some fun in the sun.


  1. oh man, that's so sad. I'm glad you got some fun times in though.

    And what lovely photos of the fam!

  2. Did they actually sell? Because all I've seen are rumors and denials from the Hoffman's people. Workers are being told to come back for next year. I don't think anything is in motion besides that the property is available to be sold. Do you have inside info??!

    1. I've been told by so many sources (just regular folk, not anyone official) that this is Hoffman's last year, so I took that to be the truth... If it is not, and if Hoffman's sticks around for years to come, I will be one incredibly happy mama!