Thursday, August 22, 2013

Looking the Part

 After much deliberation, I opted to chop a handful of inches off my hair today. I was up to "here" (picture me standing on my tippy toes, reaching my hand waay up in the sky) with Oren pulling on my curls as he breastfed, and Emmy using my hair as a pull toy.

So I sought out my favorite hair stylist, who has always done good by me, and made sure to tell her "nothing drastic." My main goal was getting rid of the unintended dread lock that had been forming at the back of my scalp over the past number of months (or maybe years). Also, I DEFINITELY needed a cut that I could manage in under, say, 30 seconds of daily maintenance.

I thought of dying my hair really dark as well but I backed out of that plan, for fear that Oren might not recognize me and throw a fit when I went to pick him and Emmy up.

So this is it: my version of a mommy cut. It makes me simultaneously feel older (no fun boingy boingy ringlets to play with) and younger (because it makes me feel like I look like Laura Ingalls).


  1. Was this an Angela cut? Love it! It looks sleek and healthy.

    1. Of course it was Angela! :) She asked how you guys are doing, and sends her love!!

  2. No more boingy boingy ringlets for me to play with? Gasp!

    It's lovely and you are lovely.

  3. However you do it you look like Dvora and that's the best.

  4. It's a great haircut-- not a mommy cut (in a bad way) at all! :). I just nominated your cute blog for the Liebster award! See the nomination on my blog: Keep up the fun writing!