Friday, October 19, 2012

10 Conversations NOT to Have Around a Pregnant Woman

Maybe I’m just being sensitive.

Scratch that. I am DEFINITELY being sensitive.

But it seems that lately I have noticed how inappropriate certain conversations are when they are being held in the company of a very pregnant woman (ahem, ahem). Of course, I can’t exactly tell people to STOP talking about the things they ENJOY talking about. But perhaps I can suggest to the general public that, when you are standing around a woman with a ginormous prego bump who is desperately clenching her belly while a five pound creature does jumping jacks in her uterus, it would be best to veer away from specific subjects.

So.. ta da!… here is my list of TEN conversations you should NOT have around a very pregnant woman:

·         Conversations about how much your abs are killing you from the intense workout you did yesterday.

·         Conversations about that amazing, child-free, month-long vacation on a faraway island you and your significant other are planning.

·         Conversations about skinny jeans.

·         Conversations about your unbelievable, very frequent, sex life.

·         Conversations about perfect bladder control.

·         Conversations about how you enjoy turning the presidential debates into drinking games.

·         Conversations about how much your paper cut has been bothering you for the last two days.

·         Conversations about how hot you will look in your sexy Big Bird Halloween costume.

·         Conversations about what a horrible winter we are going to have, and how likely we are to get transportation-halting snowstorms that will prevent easy travel to hospitals.

·         Conversations about the deliciousness of sushi and unpasteurized cheese.

Of course, there are many non-taboo subjects that are perfectly fine for conversation around an enormously pregnant woman. Here is just a sampling of “green light” topics:

·         Conversations about how fun it is to babysit for newborns.

·         Conversations about how going to the movies/going out to dinner/going to the theater is incredibly overrated.

·         Conversations about how LESS sleep is actually better for us than MORE sleep.

·         Conversations about how wonderful NOT dieting is.

Hope you find my list incredibly helpful. Feel free to chime in with your suggestions.


  1. Hugs. Personally I find anyone discussing how sexy they'll look in their BigBird costume to be obnoxious. Some things just don't need to be sexy. I also don't want to talk about skinny jeans.

    I do think babysitting newborns and their 2 year old siblings is the bees knees though.

    And you're beautiful.

    1. So you won't be a big fan when, next Halloween, I dress up in my Sexy Snufalupagous costume? Darn it, I thought I would have your support. :)
      And I know IN THEORY caring for a newborn and a two year old sounds like the BEST TIME EVER, but let's wait and see what you REALLY feel after C and I coerce you into "babysitting" our children for 3 and a half years. :)
      And you're beautiful, too.

  2. If you're willing to rock Sexy Snuffleupagus next year, I'll do OMG Oscar! :)