Tuesday, June 19, 2012

P.S. Have I Told You About the Time Emmy Fell Off Her Slide?

It just occurred to me that I never blogged about one of the scariest moments I have had as a parent thus far, which only took place a week ago... or was it two weeks ago? I can't even remember because I am trying to mentally block it out of my memory...
C bought Em this super little slide, perfect for a toddler (about 3.5 - 4 feet tall). We stationed it in our living room, so that she would have a way of playing and climbing and expending her crazy amount of energy indoors as well as outdoors. Em LOVES the slide. She uses it every single day.
About two weeks ago, the Saturday after C had brought the slide home and we had put it together, Em was climbing the slide steps for the umpteenth time while I waited for her at the bottom of the slide. She got to the top of the slide, got into sitting position, and then... somehow managed to fall backwards, right onto the floor.
I can't even begin to describe to you the fear and panic that overtook me. I ran to Em, of course, who was lying on her side and crying, and swooped her up in my arms. I totally ignored that voice in my head that told me NOT to pick her up just in case she had broken a bone or something. Em was definitely hurting BAD..  and then her body just kind of went limp, and her eyes rolled back in her head... and for about five very long seconds I totally thought that my lovely and beautiful daughter had died in my arms...
In those five seconds, the world stood still as I ran for the phone and dialed 91. With my hands shaking terribly, phone to my ear, I tried to jostle my daughter into consciousness.
Em's eyes opened a little, and she cried confusedly as I rattled away, half-screaming, half-crying, to the person who had answered my emergency call.
Within minutes, the paramedics had arrived, as did two police cars and some other sirened vehicle. In those two minutes, while I cried to Emmy to stay awake stay awake stay awake, I also called C, who happened to be just around the corner in his work van, and he rushed home. By the time everyone arrived outside our house, Em had calmed down, and even said "CARS!" when she saw all the lights and people on our driveway.
After explaining the situation to the paramedics, they advised us to take Em to the ER, especially since she still seemed a little out of it and sleepy. A few hours later, after some basic tests and an MRI, Em was declared "fine" by the doctors, and we were able to go home. They said that Em may have just lost her breath while screaming, which caused her to faint, or else her body just shut down momentarily due to the shock of the experience. Either way, it was definitely the best case scenario we could have wished for.
Having my daughter wilt in my arms was the most frightening thing I have encountered in a very very long time, if not ever. I just realized today that I have told none of my family members, or friends, or co-workers about the incident, which seems so weird, because I tell everybody everything about Emmy. I think I seriously was just trying to block it out. But it happened. I just pray that nothing like that ever happens again.


  1. Oh my goodness! How scary! I am sooo glad that everything is okay with Emmy. I know it happened a week or two ago but please give her a hug from me! A hug to you too!

    1. Thanks - it WAS super scary, and thank goodness (I am totally thankful) everything IS ok with Em. I will definitely give her a hug from you - hugs right back! :)

  2. OMG! No, you def didn't share this one! HUGS HUGS HUGS.

    1. Thanks, love. Hugs hugs hugs right back!

  3. OH my goodness. How frightening! I am so glad this had a peaceful ending. Is Emmy right back up on the slide? How about throw a thick quilt around the back.. Of course,then she might trip on it running back to climb up... Oh, if we could only wrap our little ones in bubble wrap...
    I am so very sorry you both had to go through this terrifying experience. And C too! ( how about those interlocking puzzle type foam mats to go under the slide?) a little stream of consciousness thinking...
    Hugs to you all...

    1. Oh, it was super frightening, but we truly were so lucky (Em must have a very strong little noggin). She is right back up on the slide, morning, noon and night, as if nothing ever happened. She is definitely a brave and daring little girl, so I am sure our future holds many more instances of bumps and bruises as she grows up (I am just hoping there are no more fainting spells, because that just tore me apart). Seriously, if I could wrap her up in bubble wrap I would (but apparently that is not such a safe idea either, :)
      Our solution for now is to just stand by the ladder part of the slide every time Em is climbing up, rather than waiting for her at the bottom of the slide. Hopefully that will keep us incident free! :)

      Big hugs,