Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you... COLD #1,453!!!

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration in number, but it really does seem like ever since Emmy joined daycare, she has had more sick days than well days. Oh, people warned me this would be the case. I knew to expect our house would be host to a few more germies than usual. But I guess in the back of my mind I was sort of hoping that perhaps Emmy would be the exception to the rule (I tend to due this with all negative aspects of child-rearing). I thought that maybe, just maybe, Emmy would be that ONE child who manages to cruise on through her first year at daycare with nary a snot bubble. If only that were TRUE!
So this week, Emmy's nose is once again running like a faucet, and she's got one of those congested, mucusy coughs that makes my heart hurt every time I hear it. I've got to hand it to her, though... each time her immune system gets thrown a curve ball, sure she's a bit crankier and sleepier than normal, but Em still dances, plays with her toys, and really seems to make the best of it. Kind of the polar opposite of me when I am sick. If I get a cold, I drag my feet, hang my head, and ask everyone I know if they think I might be dying. Kudos, Em.
I brought Emmy to daycare this morning because she seemed well enough to survive the day, and told her teacher to just push fluids, and of course to call me if Emmy's health seems to be too "iffy". Em's teacher informed me that this week there seems to be a whole new round of germs circulating - a gastrointestinal bug that wreaks havoc on the digestive system for two to three days. AWESOME. I keep looking at the clock, making silent bets on when I am going to get the call that Emmy has thrown up on one of her classmates and needs to be picked up.
The icing on this proverbial disgusting, germ-ridden cake is that poor C keeps getting sick one day after Emmy gets sick. The last time around, C was sick with a sinus infection that took control of his body for about 3 weeks. NO FUN. This time, C got body aches and flu-ey feelings one day after Em took a turn for the worse. Like E.T. and Eliot, Em and C's bodies are synched up in some weird, metaphysical way, and one feels the other's pain. I am dealing with a bit of survivor's guilt, having made it through the last three or four of Em's colds without having contracted much of any symptoms myself .  I am, however, NOT feeling guilty enough to WANT to be sick (I have to say that out loud so that my white blood cells won't suddenly pack their bags and go on a winter vacation to Bermuda).
My hope is that by springtime, we will have made it through the worst of the cold season. I might just go out and buy a baby t-shirt for Em that I can hand-decorate for her, a la  "I survived my first winter in daycare (barely) and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". And I'll make one for you too, C.

P.S. One minute after I finished writing this, the daycare called to say Emmy just threw up in her crib. You gotta love it.

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  1. Hang in there! I remember the first year being rough on my little one. It does get better! I would also talk with the daycare providers to see what they are doing to help combat the germs... ie are they wiping down the toys each night... once a kid is discovered to be sick, do they pull him/her out into another room while waiting for the parent to come pick them up, etc.