Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun with Photos

Ok, I admit it. I am TOTALLY late in the game to the whole crazy-photo-editing-and-embellishing craze. But I have excuses, and some of them are actually valid!

  • I have had VERY little free time, which means I have had to choose between extremely fun online photo editing and brushing my teeth and/or hair. Up until this morning, I have been a responsible human being and have chosen to brush my teeth. 
  • I KNEW that once I began playing around with our family photos, I would become VERY addicted to the process, overwhelmed by all the possibilities, and would want to magically transform EVERY photo I have EVER taken of our family into a magical fairyland or silent movie-esque version of that photo.
  • I don't know if I want my children to look back through all of their childhood photos and wonder if they were always surrounded by sparkles and butterflies.
Well, all those excuses were pretty much tossed out the window this morning when I started using (I  don't own an i-phone, or an i-pad, or an i-anything, because I know that once you buy one i-tem, you can kiss your savings account goodbye as you are then forced to buy every expensive i-trinket known to man). 

So here are my first, very basically edited, "Fun with Photos" pics. Do me a favor and don't say anything if you don't like them. I like them. They make my family members all look like Alice in Wonderland characters, and that is all that matters to me. 

You don't know how many shots it took to get both kids smiling AND holding their letters!

My beautiful angel.

Making the best of all the rain we've had this week. Splash! Splash!

Circus arts with dada.

My butterfly boy.

Emmy AS Alice in Wonderland.

My handsome men.

I am sure there are going to be PLENTY more "Fun with Photos," so I've made my own page for it (see sidebar). I may never brush my teeth again.


  1. I love your photos!

    Personally I coudln't live without PicMonkey or more recently iPiccy.

    1. i'll have to try those out too! thanks, love!