Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who’s YOUR Favorite Celebrity Mama?

Ok, I admit it. I have a few bad habits.
Bad Habit #1: On many a weeknight (or maybe EVERY weeknight), after Em has woken up and refuses to sleep in her crib for one minute longer, I bring her in to our king-sized bed. There, she falls easily back asleep and spends the rest of the night curled up in my arms. Yes, I know this is establishing habits that will be nearly impossible to break in the future. But I ALSO know my daughter is very snuggly and smooshy and watching her sleeping face makes my heart melt “like buttah”.
Bad Habit #2: On many a weeknight, once Em is back asleep in our bed, I will turn on a fluffernutter mommy-centric reality program, such as Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood or Bethenny Getting Married (which is returning to Bravo on February 20th as the re-named Bethenny Ever After).
Bad Habit #3: On many a weeknight, despite the fact that I think of myself as a pretty smart person who is not easily fooled, I totally immerse myself in the so-called reality of these programs.  Maybe because I can live vicariously through these celebrity moms, imagining how nice it would be to be able to afford a full-time nanny and a family vacation EVERY WEEKEND. Or maybe I get reeled in because despite all the glitz and glamour and red carpet affairs these two mommies surround themselves with, they do a pretty good job of at least appearing to “keep it real.”
So while watching Tori & Dean’s sixth season finale last week, which documented the birth of their third child Hattie, I bawled my eyes out.  I’m so silly. But it did make me realize that during monumental moments in life, like the birth of a child, all us mommies are pretty much on equal footing. Sure, Tori probably had the mack-daddy of all birthing suites at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Sure, she probably had a personal chef on hand to prepare her post-labor meals. But she still looked darn nervous prior to her c-section, and she still seemed genuinely concerned with her baby’s latching and breastfeeding after it’s birth. The episode brought me right back to the birth of my own daughter, and filled me with yearning for a second child. Thus the bawling. Well played, Tori Spelling.
Is anyone else out there counting the days til Bethenny premiers?  Are there other celeb moms I should be watching at night? Lord, I hope not. I’ve already got a backlog of The Office and New Girl episodes on my DVR that are waiting for me to have time to watch them. J

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  1. You are a celebrity mom, you wouldn't share her with a nanny, and for heavens sake what are those crazy shows you are watching?